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The Dark Side of the Moon; where vampires and werewolves, witches and wizards, death gods and earth goddesses, elemental and spirits dwell. Living a normal life with humans until the moon comes up and chaos strikes.
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 To get started

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PostSubject: To get started   To get started Icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2008 11:53 pm

If you are a new user to The Dark Side Of The Moon and have no idea of what to do,

1. Go to the Profille button located beside the Message button
>>>Make sure your Username doesn't have any numbers in it.

2. Go to the Profile Button (if you haven't already)and Click 'Avatars'
>>>You can ethier chose one from our site gallery or upload your own avatar/Display picture
>>> you may also click Signatures to upload your own Siggy. (not too long please if you must put it on spoiler )

[spoiler] insert URL here! [/spoiler]

3. Click The index button or the banner to link you back to the home page. Scroll down and click the topic located in the Out Of Roleplay section.Click Descriptions and Read the stickys. Then click Post New.
>>>Make yourself a description following the guidelines of the character Descriptions(you may look at others descriptions for examples) NO GODS OR GODDESSES PLEASE!

4. Wait to be accepted by one of the admins or mods. Once you are accepted you may begin posting in the Roleplays section.

5. Don't forget to chose your group. Click the Groups button on the top of the page. Select from the groups of who/what you want to be.

6. Have fun Roleplaying
>>> Just watch your language someone may get offended
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To get started
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