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The Dark Side of the Moon; where vampires and werewolves, witches and wizards, death gods and earth goddesses, elemental and spirits dwell. Living a normal life with humans until the moon comes up and chaos strikes.
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 Hi Guys...

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Hi Guys... Empty
PostSubject: Hi Guys...   Hi Guys... Icon_minitimeThu Feb 05, 2009 10:13 pm

Hi guys, I love you. <3 Just thought I'd get that away.

With that said and done, I need a break. My best friend IRL is dying and I am completely and utterly a mess right now, mentally. I'll come back and visit, but I won't be back until summer completely. I'm sorry.

Those of you I deem spethul will be given my MSN. Note that my MSN only lets me add people with hotmail addresses and that I have a Yahoo, but it is broken. (WTF PHAIL.)

Please don't take offense if you aren't sent my email. It's not because I hate you, it's because I already have six million people on MSN.


Sorry D. <3 <3 <3

And just so you know, that pic of Di is totally epic. It's next in line for my background pic. Very Happy
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Hi Guys...
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